Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The big project in my house this week has been the creation of bookshelves. We really needed all of our existing shelves for our collection of books, but in this house we had to use some of our bookshelves for clothing storage and in the kitchen and pantry. So, we're short bookshelves for books!

The Hayes family also needed some storage solutions. Since Allen had to travel to the big city of San Pedro Sula this past week, he purchased a large pile of lumber for all of the shelf making needs of our two families while he was there. In the past, he has purchased lumber locally for the same purpose, but those boards were so very rough that it took a huge amount of time to get them ready to use as furniture. The lumber yard in the city doesn't look like much - the wood is milled on site, so it isn't exactly a Home Depot kind of operation - but the lumber he brought home is very nice, and the crew of workers (Allen, Russell, Kirstin, and Alan Hayes, mostly) have already completed the construction of about half a dozen shelf units. Staining and sealing are still ongoing, but soon we will all be happier with our belongings up off the floors of our houses.

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