Overview of Our Ministry

Allen and Trish Sowers have been working in Honduras since 2001. They now work in partnership with their son, Russell, and his wife Iris. Together, they have successfully established ministry relationships with over a thousand indigenous pastors and their churches. In a typical year, these Honduran pastors see over 15,000 professions of faith and plant 60 plus new churches! Through dynamic partnerships with churches, organizations, and individuals, this ministry enables the Honduran pastors to minister to their congregations in a wide range of areas. Funds, food, vitamins, motorcycles, school supplies, clothing, computers, construction materials, etc. - when someone has a resource that they are willing to donate or sell at a greatly reduced price, we provide the transportation, logistics and oversight to put it into the hands of those who will utilize it in the service of God and their community.

Overview of our ministries:
Feeding and Nutrition Programs: In partnership with “Kids Against Hunger” and others, we distribute food, vitamins and worm medicine through 120 church-run feeding centers, orphanages, victims of natural disasters, and other programs, providing about 1.2 million meals per year. With matching funds, this all happens for about a penny a meal!

Pastor Training School: We’ve conducted 50 pastor training programs involving hundreds of pastors and support several training programs in local churches. 

Bible Book Store: These materials are purchased wholesale and sold at cost. Even at cost, a simple study Bible can equate to an entire week’s wages for a pastor. To date, we have supplied approximately 40,000 Bibles and study materials, including about 8000 study Bibles.

Church Construction: We partner with rural mountain churches in their church construction by supplying the materials to install the roof (congregation supplies the land, labor, and other construction materials). In this way, over 120 churches have been built. A typical roof for a church of 250 members costs approximately $1,000.

Gifts for Gracias: Christmas gifts, school supplies, and gently used clothing are distributed to pastors and their families, to orphans and special needs families.

Sustainable Ministry: We have started a coffee farm in order to help fund our ministries. We are praying that in a few years 50% of our ministry cost will be funded by the profits. An acre of coffee (2000 plants) costs $2500 to plant and take to production. It is expected to produce $45,500 dollars of income over the next 30 years.

Teams: We organize and host servant- focused teams from the U.S. and Canada with the desire to share the love of Jesus Christ, these include medical, dental, construction, and evangelism groups.

Motorcycles for Supervisors and Pastors: Many of our pastors walk 40 to 60 miles a week to visit multiple churches. In partnership with the Christian Motorcyclists Association and others, 166 motorcycles have been distributed to indigenous missionaries and pastors.

Mules and Horses for Pastors: Some pastors cannot afford to maintain a motorcycle or live in areas where the “roads” are impassible even for motorcycles! We have helped over 70 pastors purchase a horse or a mule.

Bridge Projects: In Honduras, tens of thousands of people lose the ability to travel outside of their immediate area (to hospitals, markets, etc.), because of seasonal flooding. In cooperation with businesses in the U.S., we import re-purposed cable for the construction of bridges in rural areas. We partner with local governments and humanitarian groups to build safe bridges which connect otherwise unreachable areas to needed services. To date, we have 15 completed bridges, and half a dozen are in the planning stage, including 2 “bridge in a week projects”, (a group has offered to fly Russell and Allen to Haiti to show them how to build a cable bridge).

Other projects include: Missionary kids camp, schools, houses, clean water, and other municipal projects.

Please consider partnering with the Sowers ministry in making an eternal difference:
  • $1.25: To plant a coffee tree (sustainable ministry)
  • $2.00: Feeds a child a nutritious supplemental meal 2x per week for a year
  • $4.00: De-worm 100 children for a year
  • $7.00: Supplies a Sunday school teacher with materials for two years
  • $16.00: Sponsors a church based feeding center with 80 children for 1 month
  • $20.00: Provides a pastor with a study Bible
  • $125.00: Plants & maintains 100 coffee plants, providing work for the local people plus generating $2275 in profit (funds for the ministry) over the next 30 years
  • $180.00: Buys food, vitamins, worm medicine & study materials for a feeding center for 1 year
  • $250.00: Purchases a horse for a remote indigenous missionary
  • $300.00: Provides an indigenous missionary 50% of his annual support
  • $1000.00: Puts a roof on a new church
  • $1000.00 Provides a motorcycle to a pastor
  • $1200.00: Helps build a home for a poor family
We invite you to learn more by visiting us at our website,
Or on Facebook at Sowers4Pastors
Our email address is allen@sower4pastors.com

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Anonymous said...

Dear Trish
Thanks for posting this. It is amazing to realize the scope and depth of your many ministries in Honduras.
I am grateful for all your hard work and for your friendship.
Beth Webb