Compilation of Kidnapping Posts

This is a list of links, to all of the posts related to our kidnapping, in August of 2013. Thanks so much for your interest and your continued prayers for our family!

Earliest kidnapping posts:

          Ben is FREE

          Where did all of those prayers for Ben's safe release come from?

Original Kidnapping Story. I wrote this in the week immediately after the kidnapping, and it took me a while to get it all written - that's why it was posted in 7 parts:

          Ben's Kidnapping Part 1

          Ben's Kidnapping Part 2

          Ben's Kidnapping Part 3

          Ben's Kidnapping - an intermission

          Ben's Kidnapping Part 4
          Ben's Kidnapping Part 5
          Ben's Kidnapping Part 6

          Ben's Kidnapping Part 7

          After the Kidnapping (
More of the story, but posted at a later date)

Questions people asked, about the kidnapping:

               A question and answer post, after the entire story had been posted

              Most asked questions about the kidnapping

Updates on how we were doing, following the kidnapping:

          Two weeks after the kidnapping 

          An update following meeting with a counselor

          Six weeks after the kidnapping (this wasn't posted until 2 years later)

          Two months after the kidnapping

              A "thank you" to my missionary counselor

Other topics, which wouldn't have been addressed, except that they were related to being kidnapped:

          How to Survive a Kidnapping

          Is it safe to visit Honduras on a mission trip?


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