Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This Blog Needs a Name

Well, it's been over a month since I started blogging. When I set this site up, I couldn't think of a good name for the blog, so I decided to just use the Sowers4Pastors label, which is the address for our ministry website, until I could think of something I liked better.

In spite of having had a month to cogitate on this, I'm no closer to finding a name! Obviously, I need some help here, so I am inviting you to help me with this.

Some guidelines:
1. The name must be a G-rated, family and missionary appropriate name.
2. I'd prefer something with a bit of humor.
3. Members of my extended family are welcome to participate (especially my brother Brad, who has the same sense of humor that I have - his wife says so).
4. Names which contain a reference to one or more of the following facts will be given special consideration: we are a family, missionaries, homeschoolers, Christians, and generally fun people located in Honduras.

I'm looking forward to your wonderful suggestions!

Ohhhh, in case you don't already know this . . . you can click on the word "comments" (located directly below the horizontal line below this post) to leave your suggestion, and to see what names others have suggested.


Anonymous said...

How about

Real LIVE Missionaries

Or Life with Bucket Boy


Trish said...

LOL! Nice suggestions, Jen . . . I'm enjoying being a real LIVE missionary, and not a historic figure on the timeline!

You know, I haven't blogged about the BucketBoy. I'll have to do that soon . . .

Leah said...

How about "Mountain Feet", or "Ministering to Mountain Feet" - something like that. You could use Isaiah 52:7 in your description.

I have been enjoying your blog - I know you from Sonlight.

Trish said...

Hey Leah, thanks for this suggestion, and for your kind comments about the blog!

Others have left comments by email, or on the Sonlight forums, or both, so here is a list of other names which have been suggested (some are tongue in cheek, though).

Missionary Misfits

Helping the Hungry, Hopeful Hondurans

At Home in Honduras

Life in Lempira

Gracias Gabfest

Central American Circus

Missionary Musings

Pizza Cravings

Not Dead Yet

Basket Case

Miss Trish

The Bucket Boy Chronicles

Buckets of Love

Bumpy Roads

Going though life with 4 wheel drive

At the end of the pavement

Have machete, will travel

Beans and Rice

Corn Tortillas

Mountain Top Experiences

Zona de Derrumbe

Sowers in the Field

Trish's Tried and True Testimonials

Live from Central America

Live from Lempira

Of Buckets and Missionaries (Think "Of Mice and Men")

Life on the Bumpy Road

Just Shy of Civilization

Looking Up (as in mountain and as in looking to God)

The Livewires from Lempira

A boy, A Bucket, and a Blog

Have Bucket Will Travel

Where the Pavement Ends...

Anonymous said...

Hour of Sower

brad said...

Wow, I even got a mention by name... I must be famous. My first thoughts:

- Having Fun with OPM (inside joke)
- Sweet & Sowers
- Gringos Gone Wild

I'll have to give this some more thought.


Trish said...

Hour of Sower . . . although our name is Sowers, so I guess maybe Hours of Sowers . . .

Thanks! It's a good one, anon!

And Brad . . . good to see you here! You are, of course, famous now that you have been mentioned on my blog. I hope you feel important!

I would like to mention one important fact for your consideration however . . . since this is MY blog, how can "Having Fun with OPM" be an inside joke, when I don't know what it means? I am the only insider here, right?

brad said...

You're not thinking hard enough, sis.

O = Other
P = People's
M = Money

Can't believe you don't remember that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
How about Sowing with the Sowers?
It was Mike's idea.
Love Beth Webb