Tuesday, September 4, 2007

All Quiet in Western Honduras, So Far

I know there are people checking here for updates (HI YOUNGGI!), so I wanted to post a note, even though nothing is happening here yet. Today, nothing happening is a very good thing!

I've noticed that the time that is shown below my posts is not accurate, so I will tell you that I am posting this at about 1:00pm, which would be 3:00pm EDT.

Here in Gracias Lempira, the morning was hot and sunny, with a very blue sky and high wispy white clouds. Currently we are starting to get a high, hazy overcast and lots of big fat clouds. I feel certain that this is the very first edge of the extended storm reaching our area. There is no wind at all, here in the city.

The members of the team are having a normal day. Half of them are working on the construction out at the Missionary Ventures property, the rest are running a Vacation Bible School type program in a nearby village. We expect that tomorrow we will all be staying in the city, and not venturing out onto the mountain roads. According to the predictions, the storm should be directly over us early tomorrow morning.

I am trying to get as much laundry done as possible, before we lose our power and water, and before the weather becomes so damp that everything turns mildewy. We have stocked up on food and water (for 25 people!), and we feel ready for the level of storm we expect to get. We are praying for those in the path of the storm who don't have the resources that we have - to shelter within a strong house, to stock up on essential items, to leave the area if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
Beth Webb here letting you know that the team members from Orange Park and Macclenny Florida are praying for you all and for the people of Honduras and neighboring countries as the hurricane approaches. Keep us posted as you weather the storm. The Lord is your high tower and even when you pass through the water He is with you. We love you all.

Bob said...

Thanks for the updates. We are praying here in Brookfield, WI, for you and your family, the team with you, the pastors and their families. Keep us posted.

Bob G

Anonymous said...


Sowers Family

Good to see all of you are doing
in the country hope to visit someday to see you all take care God bless you

Clyde Miralda Wood