Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Little Present

Lookie - this morning, one of the ladies we have been helping with a medical issue gave us a gift . . . and so now we have a beautiful chicken!

The count is now two cats, three dogs, one bull, and three birds. Oh, and six kids! We'd better hurry up and finish construction, so that we can move out of town to our country property!


Anonymous said...


I'm curious to know how the dogs and cats feel about the new addition? Are you able to let the chicken run loose with them around?

Orange Park, FL

Trish said...

Hey Jill! The chicken is most definitely in need of a coop, for her own protection. Today, we shut up the other animals for a while, so the chicken could have some time scratching and pecking in the grass.

Aaron Ortiz said...

I would say they're probably expecting you to eat her! But she is quite beautiful, for a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
I think the chicken is cute but the girl holding her es muy bonita and the young man in front es muy guapo.
I hope I said "beautiful" and "handsome!" I've been working on my Spanish, I'm sure the next time I come I will be fluent...okay maybe not but a lot better! Give my love to Bethany and David and all the rest!
Love Beth Webb

Trish said...

Hi Aaron -

I'm not sure what she expected at first, but when my daughter started carrying the chicken around, and named it "Beauty," I think the lady got the message that no one would be eating this chicken. In fact, she told us that she is going to bring our polla a novio the next time she comes. We'd better make that a good sized coop!

Beth - great job on your Spanish! We're looking forward to your next visit!

Anonymous said...

muy bueno !

Me gusta pollo muucho...

please take care of that chicken until I come next time :)


La Gringa said...

Trish, I love my chickens! Right now we have nine dogs and none of them bother the chickens. The fresh eggs are wonderful. She is a "Beauty!"