Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Carnivals Never Die . . . They Move South!

Today is Children's Day in Honduras, and as part of the celebration, we have a carnival in town.

If you've ever wondered where those carnival rides of your childhood have gone, look no farther . . . they are HERE in Gracias!
Here's a close up of that Ferris Wheel. Makes you want to go for a spin, doesn't it?It is actually a manual ride. A man at the bottom turns it by hand!

So, the ethical dilemma for the international-living mom . . . after dragging your children with you to live in a Third World country, do you let your children create childhood memories on these rides?


Aaron Ortiz said...


MG said...

I dunno, Trish ... I live stateside and still don't let my kids ride those things. Too much for my heart (says the mom who has watched her 4 yo zip line through the rain forest!)

Anonymous said...

So Trish
What did you do? Did the kids ride or not? I guess if they ride up Green Mountain in 4-wheel drive vehicles and ford rivers in trucks the ferris wheel is pretty tame! Then again we hardly ever go to the fair here at home...
Love Beth Webb

grimfairy said...

My husband just told me about this holiday! I said it would be a perfect addition to the states.

Some of those rides look a bit shady. I would probably opt for just the food.

Trish said...

Thanks for the comments. The answer to what I did, in regard to this dilemma?

Yes, I let them ride. I don't watch, and I don't ask later which rides they went on.

I figure, like Beth said, we've taken these kids into so many dangerous adventures before (the cargo boat ride between Guanaja and La Ceiba during a tropical storm comes immediately to mind)that it would be almost hypocritical to not allow this!

And, um, grimfairy . . . some people might suggest that the food would be even scarier than the rides. (Not us, though, as we just go ahead and take the risk with street vender foods, as well.)

Living on the wild side, that's us! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you let them ride. God has not given us a spirit of fear but He has given us a Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. I believe the Holy Spirit that lives within you and Allen and your children so graciously and joyfully will give you wisdom to know what is "right and good" for your family.
Love Beth W.