Monday, September 17, 2007

Quince de Septiembre - Independence Day

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we had parades here in Gracias, to celebrate September 15th - Independence Day. Apparently every school takes part in the festivities, so there are too many people for just one parade! These were fine parades, involving marching soldiers, pretty girls in formal dresses (these gals deserve extra credit, for walking our cobblestone streets, up hill, in strappy high heels!), bands, cheerleaders, students in uniform, and even the town ambulance.

The Lempira Day parade which is held here in Gracias (the capital of the department of Lempira) in July is a hard act to follow, and we definitely found that the Independence Day parade didn't measure up in creativity or fun. But, it was a nice community celebration, and vendors were selling cotton candy, so we went home satisfied!

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Anonymous said...

cotten candies are bad for your teeth!! :)