Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thinking of Guanaja as Hurricane Felix approaches

The island of Guanaja, and the people there, will always be close to our hearts. We moved to the island while they were still in the process of rebuilding their lives after the incredible devastation of Hurricane Mitch. Although we left Guanaja almost two years ago, we have many friends living there.

Right now, Hurricane Felix is predicted to hit Guanaja late Tuesday, as a category 4 storm. This is an exceedingly dangerous situation.
Because of their memories of living through Hurricane Mitch, the islanders get extremely nervous and upset when hurricanes -even small ones- are predicted to come anywhere near them. I can only imagine how worried they must be right now, as they prepare for this dangerous storm heading right toward them, as they work to protect their homes and their lives.

Of course, hurricanes do not always do as the forecasters predict. Nicaragua, Belize, Mexico, and other parts of Honduras (in addition to the islands), are also at risk from this storm. We'd like to ask you to pray with us, for everyone who is in danger from Hurricane Felix.

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