Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, it was not a total surprise to us that the decision of the transit police went against us, in regard to Russell's traffic accident. Although things seemed to be going our way, nothing is certain until the decision comes down, and it didn't come down our way. We will be paying for the repair of our own vehicle, and for a certain amount of the damage on the other vehicle (less than $1000).

According to the transit police, the law in Honduras states that you cannot ever pass another vehicle when they are making a left turn. This seems to make sense, until you factor in the part where the left-turning vehicle was on the right shoulder, almost stopped, and not signaling.

Was the decision against us influenced by the fact that we are gringos, and presumed (correctly, I might add) to be wealthier than your average Honduran? Almost certainly, would be my guess. Was there some bribery on the part of the other driver? We don't have any way to know this, but it is always a possibility in Honduras.

In general, we just need to be relieved that the accident was relatively minor. It is not uncommon in traffic mishaps involving severe injury or loss of life, for the family of the victim to take revenge against the driver of the vehicle, regardless of where the blame lies in the accident. Sometimes, when the driver is a gringo, the gringo feels the need to flee the country after such an incident, in fear for their life.

So, we're happy that in this case, our only loss is monetary.


La Gringa said...

Oh, Trish, I'm so sorry that this has happened. As you say, you can be thankful that no one was hurt, but sometimes the unfairness of the situation can get you down.

We had a similar experience with a taxi driver running a red light, totaling the taxi and bashing in the whole side of our car. We also had witnesses to the fact that he had a red light and El Jefe had a green.

The only thing that we can be grateful for, in addition to El Jefe not being hurt or killed, was that it was sooo obviously the taxi driver's fault that we didn't have to pay for his taxi, although, of course, he didn't have to pay for our damage either.

Again, I'm so sorry and sorry also that Russell had to experience the Honduran injustice system.

Pablo y Raquel said...

That's just sad and frustrating across the board. I'm sorry for the results for you, but am so thankful that it wasn't worse!!


Anonymous said...

cheer up Trish.

we will be praying for you. I realize that life isn't always fair. but also I know our God konws ALL and He is good!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, just one more reminder that this world is not our home. We were made for justice and peace and goodness but we don't often get it in this life. I'm grateful that no one was seriously hurt. And that paint job looked pretty spiffy, I'm so sorry that is past tense... :[
Love Beth
PS Check your email. Important message for you!

Honduras Sprout said...

Boy, that is a tough blow. I was telling my husband what happened and he gets so angry too at the injustice that happens in Honduras. Especially to gringos.

You are a good family and a great help to many in Honduras who need it. I can imagine it might feel like a slap in the face.

I guess the Lord will deal with those who need dealin' with.