Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Birthdays in December

I've noticed that people with December birthdays often complain that their special day is overshadowed by the other holidays. Our family has two December birthdays, neither of which made it onto the blog during that month (I'm so ashamed).

To make up for this, I will give each of the birthday kids a spotlight here this week.

BucketBoy/David turned six this year. A member of a recent team bought him the hat. This picture was taken on his birthday:
David is learning to read. He speaks beautiful English (although he always forgets the 'w' sound when he says the word 'with'), and he is increasing his knowledge of Spanish day by day. He is very outgoing, and he loves going to church, going to parties, going out to eat . . . going, going, going. He especially likes it when the situation calls for him to dress up! David also loves hosting teams. I think the teams enjoy him quite a bit, as well.

David is also very gymnastic. Although we don't have anyplace to get him lessons, he shows his amazing flexibility and springiness by going about his life with bounce! He loves to do school with Mommy, and he loves to go to the construction site with Daddy and 'work' for the day.

Here are some things David doesn't like: cleaning his room, going to bed, eating chicken, and staying home when the bigger kids are going out somewhere.

Happy Birthday, David!!!!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All our love,
Mike Beth Austin Jonathan and Charlie Webb
PS We are hoping to send some, if not all of the Webb family back to Gracias this summer for another short term mission trip. We let you know as soon as we know for sure.