Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Touching Mother-Daughter Moment

My 11 year old daughter, Bethany, came to me yesterday, and sweetly said, "When I'm grown up, will you help me raise my children?"

I told her that by the time she is grown, she will probably feel ready to raise her children on her own, and she might not even want my help anymore.

She replied, "Oh, but I think I'll still need your help. You're soooooo good at thinking up punishments!" ;-D


Aaron Ortiz said...

LOL!! That was so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a good chuckle...I just love Bethany. Tell her (and Chicago)that I send my love. Also we had our first planning meeting for summer 08 mission trip to Gracias!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I may be just a little bit excited. The Webb's are not definite but leaning towards returning if the Lord says go.
Love Beth Webb
PS Lifting Bob and Zina up to our great God and healer. Also Dr. McKenney and his family.