Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sometimes we do get to see that we are making a difference

Working with the desperately poor can be a daunting job. There are always (ALWAYS) more needs than resources. Sometimes we wonder if we are even making a small dent in the situation.

One of the programs we run involves helping families in which there is a child with special medical needs. Many families in the department of Lempira are barely surviving, and the extra stress and workload caused by the addition of a child with medical problems can easily be the factor which takes the family into disaster. In the families we work with, many of the children have problems involving mental and physical handicaps that will never be resolved. Although we help them get needed medical care, sometimes the main impact we have is in helping the family get enough to eat.

This morning, the mom from one of our Special Needs families came for a visit. Her daughter, Kenia, is severely handicapped, both mentally and physically. This is an older picture, showing the mom and Kenia.

The reason for her visit today, was to show off her new baby, Maria Carmen - affectionately called Carmencita.

Would you just look at that chubby, healthy baby? She's breast fed, but the food we provide is making it's way to her, you can certainly see that!

This family is no longer suffering from malnutrition, and this baby is looking . . . just so delightfully normal! We encounter many children who have suffered permanent damage from malnutrition. It's great to see a child who has been helped to avoid the damage!

I so enjoyed this opportunity to confirm that the work we are doing is making a difference in the lives of these families, and I hope that you can share with me in this joy. We couldn't do this work without a LOT of support from our friends - and you know who you are! Thank you so much for your willingness to be a part of showing Christ's love to the people of Lempira.


Kim & Dave said...

What special pictures!

It reminds me of how proud of their kids all mothers everywhere are!

Anonymous said...

Wow Trish
What a transition from hopelessness to joy! Kenia and Carmencita are both benefiting from the work you are doing. I'd say this is one of those "glamorous missionary stories" for your autobiography...now when are you going to find time to write it!!
Love Beth

Honduras Sprout said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, Trish. Awesome!