Monday, March 17, 2008

Buying Bricks

With Allen back home with us, construction at the property has resumed, and the pace has picked up significantly. Of course, we are feeling an even greater sense of urgency to complete our new home than we might, since the owner of the house we are renting says that he wants to sell the house. (So far, by the way, no potential buyers have come to see the house.)

Yesterday, Allen and Bethany went to purchase bricks. The following pictures were taken by Bethany, age 11.

Formed bricks, drying in the sun

Roof tiles are also made here. These have not yet been baked.

The oven (on the left), for baking the bricks and tiles. The red bricks in the photo are finished bricks.

Floor tiles, ready to install

Finished bricks, soon to be delivered to our construction site!

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be posting photos to show you how high the brick walls are on our new team house!


Suzanne said...

Trish....Wow! I love the bricks and tiles and stuff, but as a photographer let me tell you that Bethany as a photographer's eye. She seems to have a natural talent for composition. How do you make photos of bricks and brickyards interesting and artistic? Bethany managed. Please encourage her. Perhaps she could start a photoblog.

Here's mine -

- Suzanne

Suzanne said...

That is....Bethany HAS a photographer's eye.