Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Construction Pictures

Here they are! Yesterday, at the end of the work day, Christopher (age 14) took these pictures of the construction site. This first picture shows the side of the team house. This building will have two large dormitory rooms, and two multi-person bathrooms. You can sort of see, in this picture, the front and back porches (as these have floor sticking out, but no walls going up), and the placement of the window on that side of the house. Allen and Russell are standing on a scaffold in that picture - the wall is close to 6 feet high now.

The crew expected to do a lot more masonry work yesterday, but the delivery of bricks was delayed (hopefully the bricks are being unloaded at the site right now), so instead they poured some concrete beams for supporting the floor, on the other end of the same building.

Part of the work crew, mixing concrete

How the concrete gets from the mixing area to the pouring area

Grade beams, plus the view!

Some exciting news: yesterday, Allen made arrangments to start installing our water lines! We will be connected to a municipal water system in a not-too-far-away village. With the backhoe, and the miles of PVC pipe which both arrived in the container in December, we are ready to tear through this project! Still, this will mean that the work on the actual buildings will stop for a bit, as the workers switch to this different aspect of the project.
As you can see, David was a lot of help at the construction site yesterday:


Anonymous said...

Wow, Its amazing to watch the work in progress. Digging the footers was hard work, but now I'm glad to say I had a part in this. Russell, once again, was such a great patient teacher.

There is an amazing group of people planning on coming down from Orange Park this summer, and I am so excited for all of you! Even though only half our family will be going, the other half will be praying.

I love keeping up with your blog, it is part of my daily ritual. (I especially love the parts about the chickens since my fantasy is to live somewhere with chickens one day).


Jill Fowler
Orange Park, FL
New Grace Church

Suzanne said...

That's alot of concrete to move one bucket at a time. David's in his element I see...buckets!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife