Saturday, March 15, 2008

Contest: Create a Caption for This Picture

I see lots of other blogs having contests like this, where they display a picture, and ask their readers to come up with an appropriate caption. Usually, those other blogs offer prizes.

Not wanting to be an exact copy of other blogs, my contest has no prize. ;-D

So, just for fun, can you come up with a caption for this picture:

(Oh, and please keep your suggested captions family-friendly, so I don't have to delete you! Thanks.)


Jennifer said...

I cant even figure out what that big white thing is on top of the pile. Much less think of a caption, LOL

Aaron Ortiz said...

This reminds me of the narco-Mexican song:

Dicen que venian del sur
en un carro colorado
Llevaban tres kilos de coca
Iban con rumbo a Chicago
Asi lo dijo el soplón
Que los había denunciado

(accordion riff in the background)

(they say that the came from the south
in a red car
the were taking three kilos of coca
They were headed to Chicago
That's what the whistleblower said
Who had denounced them )

Aaron Ortiz said...

feel free to delete that one, it might be PG-13 or worse!

Suzanne said...

"The little red pick-up that could....
I think I can
I think I can....."

Mishik said...

So they packed up the truck and they moved to Beverlee!

Lakemommy said...

With God and bungee cords -- anything is possible.

Trish said...

Oh, this has been fun! I don't think I need to delete you Aaron. I've never heard of that song,though.

Here are a few more, suggested by my friends at the homeschool forums:

Junk? This is not junk ............. we might actually need this stuff.

Hank's Moving Company.
We Move Ya'll Cheap!

"Hernandez was astonished to discover that somone had wedged a truck under his trash pile..."

Did you hear something land on the roof, honey?

"Hay una gringa tomando nuestro foto...a saber porque..."

Suzanne said...

Hey Trish - Did you get my e-mail?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Paige said...

Moving Day!

Anonymous said...

The opening photo for a new reality TV show -- "Ultimate Packrats"!!