Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drama in the Henhouse

There's just so much going on in that tiny space in our backyard! Of course, the rivalry between Handsome and Mr Pincher continues unabated. For the most part, Handsome has Mr Pincher confined to the spaces under and behind the coop. Only when he feels really macho does Handsome insist on forcing Mr Pincher out, and chasing him around the house while squalking and wildly waving his wings. Mr Pincher just runs.

But the really fascinating storyline of our chicken novela (that's Spanish for "soap opera") is the situation involving Gorgeous and Baldy. Gorgeous has been laying eggs since November, except for a pause of a few weeks right around the time of the winter solstice. We are not entirely certain whether or not Baldy has laid any eggs, but Baldy insists on sitting on the eggs which are laid, regardless of their origin.

Today, Kirstin heard Gorgeous squalking her "egg production" squalk, and she watched while Gorgeous tried to get on the nest to lay an egg. Baldy couldn't wait until the egg was actually laid . . . she kept trying to get underneath Gorgeous, while Gorgeous was trying to lay!

I'm afraid Baldy has issues.

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Suzanne said...

Chickens are crazy! And roosters are downright mean. I'd love to have some chickens here but the Chihuahua's would make their lives difficult to say the least. I enjoy the chicken novela.