Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fresh bagels at my house (and more!)

Today was a big baking day at my house. We haven't made bagels for ages, and we just scored a big container of cream cheese at the grocery store, so bagels were certainly called for! We made 32 large bagels: eight were blueberry, the rest plain. I'm just now experimenting with flavored bagels. Next time, I plan to try to make some cinnamon raisin ones, and then maybe some onion.

I also made up a large batch of whole wheat dough, and made 2 loaves of bread, a pan of plain rolls, a pan of herb rolls, and Rachel made some cute twirled herb rolls.

I get quite a nice sense of accomplishment looking at all of these baked goods . . . as long as I don't turn around from the lovely display on the buffet, and look at the mess I made of the kitchen! If I was a better woman than I am, I would take a picture of the kitchen and post it here.

Notice, there is no picture of the kitchen here.


Kim & Dave said...

Too funny!

You will never see a picture of the way MY kitchen looks right now, but I did feed my family fir the second time since arriving home w/ no help from Little Ceaser's!!

Your handiwork all looks YUMMY, though!

I'll be right over!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love to do baking, too -- unfortunately, my "sense of accomplishment" quickly fades as the product I produced quickly disappears!! Guess I like something more tangible/permanent for my efforts!! Let's see -- 32 bagels, 7 people in the house...... won't last very long, will it????

Wanna share your bagel recipe??


Rachel said...

Yeah I want recipes too!! My kids would love making bagels as they love to make bread. I'd love a recipe that is tried and successful! Those look so delicious!!!!

Periwinkle said...

Trish you are so talented! I have been doing more baking due to the economy here in Maryland! Making whole wheat bread and cookies. Lemons are $1 each at all grocery stores and gas is up to $3.23 at Sheetz in Walkersville for the lowest grade, I have heard it is up to $5 in California. My daffodils are starting to poke their leaves up out of the ground, spring must be just around the corner!! Love and Miss you!