Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"So, what did you do today, dear?"

As you have likely noticed from the stories in this blog, Allen is involved in many different types of ministries, and so his tasks can vary widely from day to day. But one thing that remains consistent is that he is always driving around on roads which are rough on vehicles! Although we try our best to keep our vehicles maintained and in good running order, we are limited by the low quality parts available, the limited knowledge and abilites of the mechanics, and of course, by the remarkably poor road conditions. So, very frequently, when I ask Allen or Russell what they did that day, it will include something from the following examples:


Suzanne said...

You learn quickly in those situations. I was just reading a blog entry from a Canadian who vacationed in Costa Rica with her family. They'd rented a "normal" car after being cautioned by the rental agent that they'd need 4-wheel drive. Wow....was she frightened and sorry for that decision!

Speaking of being frightened - does that one photo show the car in mud on the edge of a cliff? Being a flatlander I can't tell you how nervous that makes me.

Anonymous said...

If that picture is one of the ones I think it is, then yep, it is a picture of the vehicle stuck at the edge of the cliff, and what it doesn't show is the rear wheel that is pretty much "off" the cliff.