Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Me on TV!

Around Valentine's Day, some friends invited Allen and I to attend a couples' banquet at their church. It was a very nice event, with special music, and a guest speaker who spoke on the topic of marriage (in English with Spanish translation). Following the program, a lovely dinner was served by the young adults and older teens of the church.

This event was held in the sanctuary of the church. The rows of chairs had been removed, and small tables, with room for four people at each table, had been set up in their place. The tables were beautifully set with candles and lovely tablecloths.

Like most church services in the larger churches in our city, this event was televised locally. There was a TV monitor set up at the edge of the stage, and we could watch the televised version of the presentation, as well as the live version.

As the dinner was being served, I noticed that the cameras which had filmed the musicians and speakers were now turned toward the diners at the tables. All throughout the dinner, this particular TV station televised us eating! Of course, Allen and I, being guests and gringos, came in for an especially large share of the camera time.

When we came home from the banquet, Russell told us, "My friends and I were watching futbol, and during a commercial we were switching through the channels, and there you were, eating dinner on TV!"

For about a week afterwards, people would tell me, "I saw you on TV." My kids came home from the park and reported, "People wanted to tell me that they'd seen my parents on TV."

Apparently we made for some particularly riveting television! Perhaps you'll catch us in the reruns. ;-D

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Suzanne said...

Oh now that's exciting! You're probably the only person I know that's actually been on TV.