Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Construction Update

The team house is looking more and more like a building all the time. Today, Allen and his crew created forms, in order to pour concrete around the window and door openings. Here is a formed opening:

Here is a window with the concrete surround in place, and the forms removed:

In case you're wondering, all of this brick, block, and concrete will be covered with a finish which will give the appearance of adobe construction. That's why we aren't paying attention to making a smooth finish between the bricks and the concrete.

For fun, I played with one of the pictures Allen took today, using the Paint program (we're too poor to actually own the Photo Shop program ;-D ), and put some additional brickwork and a roof line onto the picture, to give an idea of the shape of the final building.

Looking at that picture makes me feel like packing some boxes! ;-D


Aaron Ortiz said...

Hi Trish, GIMP is a pretty powerful freeware image editor. It doesn't replace Photoshop, but does a pretty good job.

Google's Picasa is also free, and very easy to use. It organizes your pictures for you (kinda like iTunes) and lets you do some basic editing.

Honduras Sprout said...

what kind of bricks are those? I am curious if they are very easily sourced in Honduras. I don't see much use in SPS (that I can tell anyway) but I saw a lot of the brick structures in Tegus area this past weekend. Is it a mountain thing?