Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bed Bugs . . . of a sort

Last night, I was awakened several times from a sound sleep by bugs crawling on my arms. Now, I am a pretty heavy sleeper, and bugs landing on us as we sleep is not at all an unusual experience, as we don't have screens on our windows. These bugs were definitely crawling, not flying in and landing, however, and they disturbed me enough that I eventually chose to evacuate my bed. I grabbed my pillow and a spare sheet, and completed the night sleeping on the couch.

I perhaps need to mention here, for clarity, that Allen and I have separate beds. You really don't need to know that, except that you might be wondering why he wasn't bothered by the crawling bugs in the bed. He is an insomniac, and I, though a very sound sleeper, am a noisy sleeper, plus I move around a lot in my sleep. Because sharing a bed means that Allen gets no sleep, we have separate beds. TMI, I know, but I figured if I didn't explain, someone would ask about it.

So, this morning, I checked the bed, to see if I could figure out the source of the annoying bugs. I found the remnants of an ant nest between my sheets! The colony had already departed, but they left behind a few of their eggs (I presume these were duds?), so I knew they'd been there! Apparently, even the ants found my sleeping movements to be too much to live with.

I'm hoping for a more restful night tonight.


Grateful for Grace said...

I can not tell you how much that creeps me out, Trish. Truly.

Reconsidering my prayer for a call to overseas missions...


Akinoluna said...

That was really funny. There just comes a point where it's too much work to freak out over bugs. hehe

Honduras Sprout said...

oh my, oh my, oh my. At first I was thinking about how iI couldn't live without screens and then it occurred to me that ants get in anyway.

Separate beds is more common than we think in marriage. The Baby Boomers are now designing homes with separate his and her master bedrooms!

the bed bugs control dude said...

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ray and becky said...

Freaks me out, but I think I could handle the ants better than bed bugs or others.

About the sleeping situation: I can't wait until it's considered ok to sleep in seperate beds. We both sleep so much better that way, between the snoring and the restless legs, etc. Not that I care what others think, but he does :)