Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Begin the Bodega!

Although we have two partially completed buildings on our construction site, we recently received a donation of funds (thanks, Brookfield Lutheran Church!) specifically for the purchase of the materials to build the bodega/warehouse . . . so we have started in on a third building. The bodega will be used to store and organize donated food, clothing, and other goods, for distribution to the poor in Lempira.

Here are some pictures, as our crew starts to zoom along on the construction of this building!

The foundation of the new bodega

Another riveting shot of that foundation

Intern house, which is currently NOT under construction

Here's a nice picture of the team house, which is soooooo close to being closed in.
We're moving along with the construction as fast as we possibly can. The rising price of everything is effecting us here in Lempira as much as anywhere, and the faster we build, the lower our final material and labor costs will be. We can't stockpile many materials, as the risk of theft is ever-present. Please pray with us that funding will come in speedily for all of this construction!


Shannon said...

Could you send me your mom's address again? So I can her the Pfalfgraf I broke?

ps. I miss Rachel!

Trish said...

Shannon -

I would send you that address, but I don't think I have your address! :-)