Monday, May 12, 2008

Have I mentioned the bad roads?

Yes, this really is a road. Click on the picture, to get a closer look.

At the bottom of this picture there is a ford, currently dry because we are at the end of the dry season. Within a couple of weeks, as rainy season gets underway, this ford will be impassable.

Currently there is a walking bridge, made out of twisted strands of barbed wire and rotten wood, which is the only way to cross this spot once the river rises. You can imagine, as we cross these swinging bridges, how much we want to hang on to the wires along the sides. But that isn't advisable when the bridge is made from barbed wire. This makes the crossing of this type of bridge a little extra-memorable.

This is another location where we have been asked to help build an improved bridge.


Suzanne said...

Improved bridge!!! Of course you know that anything would be an improvement over barbed wire and rotten boards! You live such an exciting life.

I can see that any help you can give would make such an improvement in this place.

I did want to ask you if you take some kind of poll of the departing mission teams. Coming back from Miami there was a mission group in the seats in front of me. They had just been to Honduras and had plenty to say about the trip, the stay, the accommodations, just about everything. I felt like leaning forward and saying, "You need to let your missionaries know all this information. It would help them out."

#1 complaint - Nobody wanted to be on the top bunk.

I was thinking of you!!!

-Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Anonymous said...

Trish, just wanted to say thank you again for your love and hospitality. You and your family are truly a blessing. I am so greatful to God for allowing me to travel to Honduras as part of the team. It truly was a wonderful experience. I feel in my heart that it is definitely a stepping stone on a path that the Lord has me currently on to go full time in the field. My only suggestion (request) on Friday night was that if I am blessed with returning to Gracias that I be allowed to drive the Land Cruiser. Why should the guys have all the fun??!?!?!?!?!?!?! Love you all much and already miss you terribly. My prayers are with you for continued blessings and success in all that you do for that area and for the Kingdom.

Love you all,
Anna aka DJFunkyA lol!!!!