Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Boo's Turn

Boo (otherwise known as Bethany) has lived in Honduras since she was four years old. In all that time, she has only returned to the US once, after we had lived here one year. She really doesn't remember very much about living in the states.

Because we never return to the states as an entire family (due to David's non-adopted status), Allen and I have taken turns returning, for various reasons, and taking one or two of the children with us each time. Well, it's finally Boo's turn!

Bethany is just now finishing her school year, studying US history through the Civil War. She and I (and possibly one or two more of the children) will be driving along the east coast, stopping to visit American History locations along the way.

Because our home base is Maryland, we will spend a lot of time in that area, which is so rich in great places to visit. Williamsburg, Yorktown, Washington DC, Baltimore, Gettysburg, Philadelphia are all close to "home."

We're all so excited as we plan for this trip, which is scheduled to happen in the month of June. Although, I've noticed something about myself. Apparently I've gotten used to the part of living in Honduras which involves not having lots of options. I'm quite used to my options being limited to "this is the item you can get: buy it, or don't buy it." Just looking through all the websites for these historical locations is making me feel a bit crazy - there are just too many options!


Honduras Sprout said...

That is just great! I hope Bethany has a great time learning and seeing the states again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Trish, just a thought here. You might want to check with some of your Maryland homeschooling friends and see if you can put together a small group to go on some of these trips. The cost of gas here is getting SOOOOO bad ($3.65/gallon and still going up), that it's making even relatively short trips pretty expensive. Maybe you can find another family or two to help share the gas expenses??


Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, Trish!! I'm sooo jealous! How I want to take my kiddos (and myself) to the East Coast of the US for the US history. Philly, Boston, all of it!! How fun for Bethany. And you!
Hope the chick pox isn't too miserable!


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