Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lists and Maps and Timelines

We are in major preparation mode for our upcoming mega field trip!

This morning we had a 'walk ourselves through Early American History' discussion, followed by the project of creating a timeline of major events. I was sent to the computer several times by children who had a sudden yearning to be reminded of the details of certain points of history. (I googled "Shay's Rebellion," "The Treaty of Ghent," and "Bleeding Kansas.") It was fun to have them so excited about history!

Yesterday Rachel and Bethany created maps of the east coast states, with labels showing the major stopping points on our trip. Since we haven't lived in the US for so long, this map work isn't as familiar to the kids as I would like it to be. I'm looking forward to introducing the children to some of the places I remember so fondly, as my childhood was filled with field trips to Williamsburg, Philadelphia, the Mall in Washington, the Smithsonian, etc.

This afternoon, each of the children will be choosing a particular aspect of this broad historical period to study in depth, to share with the rest of us when we are actually in that general region. I'm guessing Chris will choose a civil war battle, but it will be interesting to see what the girls pick.

Many different plans are coming together for this trip, but our liveliest conversations generally involve the wonderful foods we will eat during our travels. Recent salivations have been initiated by discussions of: salad bars, 2% milk (that tastes like 2% milk, and nothing else), cottage cheese, lots of other varieties of cheese, fresh strawberries, baby carrots, filled donuts, seafood (we had wonderful seafood when we lived on Guanaja, and we miss it now), store-bought bagels, deli lunchmeats, and so many other things!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited for you guys just thinking about the trip ahead. Food; its amazing once we start thinking about certain foods just how much we can begin to crave them. We lived in Canada for four years and there are many foods there I looooooong for.

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!

Jill Fowler
New Grace, Orange Park, FL

Honduras Sprout said...

Wow! Your list of foods...they are all available here in SPS. Fresh strawberries are always in stock and not a bad price. About L23 for a bunch, I think. You know...maybe they are easy to grow up there? I think strawberries and raspberries are very easy to grow sort of wild. Have you all considered doing a little agriculture school project garden? What I am looking forward to having is some cherries. I saw some extremely expensive imported ones, but they didn't look too good so passed.

My daughter has been asking lately to be homeschooled. I don't know if she just thinks she wants to be homeschooled...but I'm leaving it as an option if needed.