Friday, May 9, 2008

More about that bridge

Yesterday I posted a picture of several people posing on this bridge. The team did not have to cross this bridge to get to their ministry site. However, Allen told me that the children in this area do cross this bridge to get to school. When the river is low enough, they can ford the river instead of using the bridge, but during the rainy season their choices are to cross this bridge or to miss school.

Allen is working on several fronts to try to replace some of the very dangerous bridges in Lempira. So far he has collected a large quantity of cable, and he has worked on developing working relationships with some other groups who do this kind of project, including Engineers Without Borders. It's been a slow and frustrating process, but Allen is stubborn persistent. I feel confident these projects will come together eventually.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
Beth here along with Austin, Jonathan and Megan. We are amazed at this bridge! Is that Russell in the picture? Tell everyone hello for us. Did David get the chicken pox? And tell Bethany I like her short hair! We will see you in July!!!!
Love Beth Webb

Trish said...

Hi Beth and Gang! Yes, that's Russell on the bridge. David hasn't broken out yet, but I believe there is something around a two week wait between the first child and the second infectee, so we're still waiting expectantly.

I will tell Boo you like her hair - Rachel cut it!

See you soon!