Thursday, May 15, 2008


In less than three weeks now, I will be leaving for the US, taking three of the kids on a major American history field trip. We are just crazy with preparations.

Bethany and I need to finish her school work for the year, and then I want to go through a quick review course of American history through the end of the civil war with the three participating children, so that it will be fresh in our minds as we visit the relevant historical sites.

We are also working through everyone's closets, to see what needs to be purchased, in the way of clothing, while we are in the states. Underwear and socks, of course, but what else? Christopher is growing like a weed - the new clothes bought for him this past fall no longer fit him. We have no clue what the styles are like in the US right now, so we hope to manage to look "classic" rather than "dated." Oh well. We'll probably just fail on that one!

I need to purchase a month's supply of the medications I use, as they are so much more expensive to purchase in the US than here. The kids are also planning to get haircuts here, because we can get a cut for under $5 in Gracias. We don't need to talk about what haircuts would cost us in the states!

I'm grateful that my oldest daughter is still at home, and she can take responsibility for a lot of the general work around the house while I'm gone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trish
I didnt get a chance to talk with you about the details of your itinerary while the team was there...if you are driving I-75 and going thru Chattanooga Tennessee consider heading up to Look Out Mountain...the Park on top of the mountain is dedicated to the civil war era with some great artifacts and on a clear day you can see 7 different states. Is a great place to stop and relax and if you dont do the drive up the mountain you can stop at the base and pay to ride the "Incline Railway" up and down the side of the mountain giving you an up close look at the terrain that the soldiers had to endure.
Stone Mountain in Georgia outside of Atlanta is a cool place for civil war stuff too.
Take care and praying for continued blessings always.

Rachel said...

if you are able to do stone mountain in the Atlanta area,be sure to pack a picnic and plan to stay for the laser show (it starts after sundown). It's fun for the whole family!! In the Atlanta area there is also Kennesaw Mountain battlefield and the incredible Cyclorama...that's one of our favorites. It's right next to the zoo and is just really cool!!

Good luck getting everything done