Sunday, June 15, 2008


We attended our home church this morning, which was a lot of fun. It was especially interesting seeing it through Bethany's eyes. She was helping set out coffee and donuts, and she asked why the church had a kitchen. She'd never seen a kitchen in a church in Honduras. Then she went on to relate that most of the churches she's seen in Honduras were smaller than the kitchen of our US church.

It's been wonderful to reconnect with those in the US who are involved with us in the ministry in Honduras. This week, the kids will have a chance to participate in Vacation Bible School for a few days, and they are looking forward to that.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to hear you are having a good trip so far. Keep us posted!

Jill Fowler
Orange Park

Anonymous said...

We are praying often for your safety and rest and just plain fun while you are here in the States. How are you all doing on the toilet paper challenge...on second thought, tmi! : ]
:p Hey I think I just invented a new smiley face, doesn't it look like he's sticking out his tongue! Love you all bunches...See you soon!
Love Beth Webb