Thursday, July 31, 2008

Folk Art

Months ago I mentioned the drawings and paintings we sometimes see on buildings in remote villages in the mountains of Lempira. Finally I've found the pictures I knew I had somewhere, of a few examples of this folk art. I've advised my family to be on the lookout for more examples when they travel, and to get photos when possible.


Laurie said...

Trish I wish that more people knew of your website. The post on the artwork is fantastic. And I strongly believe that planting churches is the key to strong communities, and eventually better lives for all in the commmunity. I admire you for living out the call of God on your life!

Anonymous said...

Hello Trish
The photos of art are wonderful! and the faces of the Hondurans are so open and gentle...I miss you and your family and the sweet people of Gracias, Santa Rosa and San Rafael already. Thanks so much for your blog that helps me feel connected to you and Honduras!
Love Beth Webb