Monday, August 11, 2008

Packing, packing, packing!

Sorry I haven't been here much this past week. Allen has been away in the capital, and once he returns (tomorrow) he will begin the search for a new house. We need to be ready to move as soon as the house is located, so we've been trying to get everything in order here.

It's hard, packing when I don't know what our living situation will be. If we have minimal space, many things will have to stay in storage. Once we move from the next house to the property, we will be almost camping out there, so again, lots of things will be stored. That means that much of what we are boxing up now we might not see again for many, many months. That also means packing these boxes with an eye toward the possibility (likelihood) of mice, bugs and water damaging our stuff.

We've packed almost 40 boxes now, plus we've gotten rid of some stuff, through the "put it on the corner and it goes away" method of recycling.

More later! Bye!


Anonymous said...

Hola it's Yvette from Orange Park. I have just discovered your blog and it's fabulous...not the news about your move but being able to connect with you. We so dearly miss you and the kids. Gabrielle would love to email Bethany so I'll have to get your email address. I will pray for your strength, peace,and wisdom as you prepare to move. I wish we were there to help you but I know we would cause more chaos than help. God is good and I pray that he will have a place for you soon. In the meantime, take your time packing and all of us will pray that all of you will have endurance, good health, patience and wisdom to pack all your things. We love you guys,
Yvette- la cubana

Beth Webb said...

Ditto what Yvette said...
We do love your family and miss you bunches! Give everyone hellos and hugs from the Webbs. Also Megan turns 17 today!!
Looking forward to hearing how God will work in all the details of your move(s).
Love Beth