Friday, August 15, 2008

When we run out of energy . . .

Last night, some of the kids and I stayed up late. The kids were packing up books (this is a really big job, as we have a large collection of books) while I read aloud to them. We were in the middle of a murder mystery, so they were all willing to keep working, in order to listen to the conclusion of the story.

But even David, known to have almost boundless energy, reaches the end of his reserves eventually. These pictures show his position last night, when his energy reserves ran out, and he fell asleep.

Fortunately, David has a renewable energy source - he was right back in the game first thing this morning!

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Beth Webb said...

Wow He is growing so fast! Wish I could have been there to curl up on the couch while you read a story! Those are some of my fondest memories of our homeschooling years...reading good books all together. I'm so glad with all the packing and craziness you are still doing the "good" things! : > ]