Thursday, September 18, 2008

Allen is getting worried . . .

In the next few months, we are set up to ship two 40' containers of donated items to Honduras. One is coming from Florida and the other from Maryland. In both instances, we have previously donated items which will fill a certain portion of the space, and in both instances there is space alloted for transporting donated Christmas gifts.

Allen is getting worried that we are not receiving enough gifts for the space we have. We pay for shipping and customs fees to import these containers, and we don't ever want to pay to ship empty space! So, I'm putting out another request for people to get involved in the Christmas gift project.

The details for the Christmas project are available on our website, including addresses where donated Christmas gifts are being collected. Additionally, if you live near our shipping locations (Orlando, Florida and Poolesville, Maryland) you might want to consider donating gently used clothing, which can be brought directly to where the containers will be loaded. Your donations will help us help the pastors and their families and congregations, as well as helping the families in our special needs programs, and children in our feeding centers, in the nearby orphanages, and children who are in the local hospital during the Christmas holiday. If you want information on delivering donations directly to the shipping locations, please contact me by email.

The deadlines for mailing Christmas gifts are coming up soon, and the containers will be shipped soon after the Christmas gifts are received, so please don't delay!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Trish -- last year (or the year before??) you needed stuff to fill a container too. I was able to put out the word and got a pile of clothing. I could probably do that again, but I need some info....

1) Deadline by which this is needed?
2) Where would the clothing need to go? (Could I give it to Blanche?)
3) Do you want only shoes and clothing, or do you want toys/kids' books/bedding/etc?
4) Can people get receipts for donations (I got asked that several times!), and if so, how would that be handled?

Thanks for any info you can share. After I hear from you, I'll see what I can do to gather up some items to help fill your container.


Trish said...

Hey Pam, thanks for offering to help with this.

For things that are being delivered to Poolesville (rather than being mailed), I would expect there to be at least a week beyond the date that was set as the mailing deadling, so that would be October 22nd. Unless there is a small amount of stuff, it wouldn't be best to give it to Blanche, as she has a small vehicle. Better to make arrangements to take it directly to the barn at Poolesville. Blanche can give you the info on that.

Receipts are possible, but not easy. I would have to write to the office, with the info as to what was donated, and the name and address of the donor, and then have the office mail the receipt. So, there's some paperwork involved.

As to what to donate: Shoes and clothing are best. Good-as-new small non-electric housewares and toys are also good. Sheets, blankets, jackets and sweaters are highly appreciated. Clothing larger than size L is not as useful (although people do alter those clothes), and shoes in large sizes are almost unusable here, because the people are small.

Thanks again for helping!