Friday, September 5, 2008

Lots of Moving Going On

Remember the Hayes family, who have been planning to come and work with us? There have been lots of hurdles for them to jump, to make this whole thing work out, but, if everything comes together for the next couple of weeks, they should be arriving here, in a truck with their three kids and all their worldly possession . . . right as we are moving into our new house in early October! They will be driving down from northern Mexico, so you can see that they are appropriately adventuresome to be joining us here!

The arrival of Alan and Faith Hayes may seem ill-timed, but actually we are hopeful that they will arrive right as we move, so that we can have Alan's help in taking down our satellite dish. (This situation with my hubby being Allen and Faith's hubby being Alan is going to require some concentration on everyone's part, so please, stay sharp here!)

While looking at rental houses for our family, we are also scouting out a place for the Hayes family to live. We've seen the exteriors of several houses that might work . . . hopefully we will be able to see the interiors very soon!

Those of you who pray for us, would you also pray for Faith and Alan and family, as they close things down in Mexico, and begin their travels south? Thanks so much! You can check on their updates at their blog, The Hayes Zoo en Mexico


The Hayes Zoo said...


You're so sweet to include us in your AWESOME blog. :)

I'm going to be linking yours to ours too - multi-tasking you know!!

Off to pack something!

Beth said...

hi Trish!
I'm glad to hear reinforcements are on the way from Mexico. We will add Alan and Faith and kiddos to our prayers. We have been asking God for a long time(ever since Austin and I came in 2006) to send some help your way. So if you are all moving at once it must be His timing!