Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ready to be amazed?

The bodega construction has been flying along! Allen has done a great job of hiding a huge warehouse in what looks like a nice-sized adobe house.

Here is the view of the building, as it looked yesterday morning.

You can see how the front door and four windows will look like the front of a house. There will be a porch, the length of the building, on this side.

Now, if you look inside the building, you can see that in actuality this is a huge warehouse!

If you look closely at that picture, the bottom of the window below where Allen is standing is 8' off the ground. That building has an immensely tall ceiling, and will give us an incredible amount of storage space! We're excited about it!

Below is another view of the interior, showing the opposite end wall, which is mostly completed.

As the block laying was going on, we also had a workman starting on the finish of the building. Mortar is smoothed over the blocks, but left with a somewhat rough stucco finish, to give the appearance of an adobe building. Later these walls will be painted.

By yesterday evening, the laying of block on the exterior walls of this building was completed! There is concrete work to be done around the front door and windows, and concrete bands to be poured across the tops of some walls.

Once our lumber is delivered, we will begin putting up the roof!

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Beth said...

Wow! The work is really coming along! I am so grateful for you. You make it easy for me to feel a part of the work there in Gracias. I hope you can feel our prayers as we lift you up daily for protection, strength, wisdom and a lot of laughter!
Love the Webbs