Saturday, September 27, 2008


As part of moving from our rental house, today several of the older kids took out a picket fence we installed two years ago when we moved in. We put it up so that we could contain the dogs in the back part of the yard when people were coming and going at the front door. One of our dogs, however, discovered that he could sail over that fence faster than we could open the gate, and then there wasn't much sense in putting him in the back yard anymore!

When Allen built the fence, he took a few extra precautions, because he grew up in the tropics, and he knows a thing or two about termites. I can't detail exactly what he did, as I wasn't part of that building project, but I can tell you that it only slowed the termites, it certainly didn't stop them!

Here are the pictures from the fence removal operation:

This is the remains of a fence post.

Think that one was in bad shape? How about this one:

This post was not pulled out . . . that is actually what remains of the wood at ground level!

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