Monday, September 29, 2008

Tubo Day Update

The first load of PVC pipes has been transferred to the new house, and the second batch is now being loaded into the Land Cruiser. Kirstin estimates that we are moving about a quarter of the total on each trip. It is now noon, and we were just told that we could only work until 1 pm today, so this will likely be the final load for today. Happily, we were also told that we could have access to the house again tomorrow, which we originally didn't think we would have, so that should all work out okay.

Here is the first load, about to be unloaded at the new house:

We are piling the pipes on top of pallets on the roof. Here's Gus, getting the pallets down from the roof of the vehicle:

Here is the very beginning of the pile on the roof:

Somehow, the leaves from the tree above the pile (at the current house) slid between the tubes. Apparently we've been creating compost between these pipes! What a mess we have on our hands, as we get deeper into the pile! This is our neighbor, Henri, who is helping us today:

That's all for now!

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