Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Walking Tour of Gracias Lempira, part 2

Almost a year ago I posted a series of pictures of everyday scenes around Gracias Lempira. I knew I'd have more posts like that one, which is why I called it "A Walking Tour of Gracias Lempira, part 1," but I didn't realize it would take me this long to get around to it!

I sent my photographers on a walk around town this afternoon, and asked them to concentrate on the ironwork which is so prevalent on homes and businesses in Honduras. My girls didn't think this would make for very interesting pictures, but they were amazed - when they actually went out with the intention of noticing the bars, fences, and gates - at the real artistry in some of this work.

It is sad that security concerns require this kind of thing, and I still rail against the idea of living inside a cage, for safety. However, since it is unavoidable, it's nice to see how beauty has been created even in the midst of this unpleasant necessity.

Rachel and Bethany captured a nice overview of ironwork both plain and fancy, in buildings covering a large spectrum of economic levels. There are way too many photos for one post, so I'll continue this tomorrow!

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