Saturday, October 4, 2008

Are you tired of hearing about this move, yet?

Well then, just imagine how tired we are of living it! Pray for us, leave us an encouraging note, etc. We can use it! Thanks.


The Hayes Zoo said...


I'm having to repeat this to myself every 10 minutes or so - can't wait for it to be over. :)

I have EMPATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Honestly, I've been feeling overwhelmed for you guys since I first read about this move!

I've been praying for you throughout the days as I think of it. I'm so glad your kiddos are such hard workers! I showed Vicente your pics the other day, especially one of Gus moving something, and V said, "Well, *that* looks like his dad!"

I sure wish I could be there to help...well, I wish Vicente could help, and I could be the entertainment! :~p

Beth said...

Okay, what does "Animo" mean? Here are my guesses...
a misspelling of 'geromino' which means you are ready to jump off a high cliff(a common feeling when in the midst of a move),
a veiled literary reference which means you want us to think you are way smarter than we are(we already do),
a cry for cookies of the animal-shaped variety (this is my natural response to high stress situations!), or
a childlike whine for Aunty Mo (whoever she is) to come and finish the work for you! So far I have been unsuccessful in getting any aunties or anyone else to show up when I whine!
So Hayes and Sowers and anyone else in the midst of a fiercesome moving of belongings, stand firm. This too shall pass! In the meantime God is with between the "animos" remember the "emmanuels"! You are not alone!! And you are very loved!

chicadedios25 said...

Animo is spanish - for take heart...or don't be discouraged.

Missus Wookie said...

Having moved so often (and usually without DH) I have sympathy for you all! So impressed with all your hard work.