Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Heavy Day Today!

This was the day we scheduled to move our heaviest items. The chest freezer, much of the larger furniture, and the dryer all left the house today. A lot of boxes and mattresses also went, used as padding between the large items.

We stopped loading and delivering loads in the Land Cruisers a little earlier this afternoon, so we can spend some time preparing for tomorrow's move. Things like taking apart bunk beds, packing dishes into boxes, etc. We also are trying to start doing some unpacking at the new house.

We lost count on how many trips were taken back and forth today. Kirstin, who is our driver, estimates a dozen trips. It was a lot, and as we have a similar sized crew coming to help tomorrow, we hope to do as well then. Although, after two days of this, we are all pretty much wiped out.

Oh, and the power was out almost all day. Except for not having fans and not getting laundry done, it was a good thing, as it kept me off the computer. But, that's why you're only getting one update today.

I hope everyone is satisfied with leftover pizza for dinner!

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