Friday, October 10, 2008

Luckily, I'm inclined to giggle at this sort of thing . . .

One really great thing about this new house is the presence of three (count 'em!) bathtubs. There was a tub in our previous house, but it was a really strange narrow thing, and wasn't in the least comfortable to sit in. Even my small kids, with their puny bottoms, weren't inclined to sit and soak.

The tubs in the new house are all slightly oversized deep tubs with grab bars on the sides. I've been looking forward to a looooooooong soak, but haven't yet had the time for it. Today, I was checking out the tubs, in anticipation, when I noticed something I'd overlooked before.

Every single tub in this house is installed backwards, so that the sloped end of the tub (where you can luxuriously rest your back while soaking) has the spigot on that end! I couldn't believe it. When I first saw that one tub was installed that way, I thought, "How funny, that the plumber didn't notice that he was installing it backwards." But once I saw that all three were the same, I had to assume that someone thought that was the correct way to install the tub!

Oh well. We can still sit and soak in them, as long as we watch out that we don't bump our heads on the spigots. Kirstin assures me that it's actually quite pleasant to lie back with the water running down your back.


Anonymous said...

definitely odd looking to see the drain at the opposite end of where the water line is coming does it make the water swirl in the opposite direction or does that still have to do with the equator???? things that make ya go hmmmmmmm?????? did you get the email and/or photo of hubby while he was in Clearwater with us at the missions conf? let me know if I need to send it again. Praying that the unpacking goes swiftly and smoothly! Anna

lisa said...

Hi Trish: It is so nice to see that you moved into your new home. My husband and I visited you back on February and I tried to write to you but maybe you didn't have internet at that time.
Luis is in Honduras now mostly in Comayagua. This week, however he is visiting Trujillo, La Ceiba, and maybe the Islands.
Hope you and the kids are well and God Bless You All!
L+L Lozano

Aaron Ortiz said...

Only in Honduras! :)

Laurie said...

I'm glad you can chuckle at the tub problem. I have a bathtub in my house in Tegu, and I love it. Except that they built it high from the floor. It's okay stepping in and but you almost need a stool to get out. I have to warn friends to bathe at their own risk!

The Hayes Zoo said...

I agree with Kirsten!!!

Let us know how it goes!!

Even if it's a bit weird LOOK at all that storage space you've got around the tub for setting things on!!!

:) I'll take one if you find it!!