Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Overall, a profitable day

Day 1 of our move is now behind us.

We got off to a late start, of course, and that didn't help our load tally. Plus, Rachel was trying to clean at the new house, so that meant she wasn't always available for unloading . . . although, to give her due credit, I think she probably got sucked into the unloading quite a bit, anyway.

In spite of these obstacles, we delivered eight loads to the new house today. Tomorrow, a group from one of the churches in town is coming to help us, so that should make things move along even faster.

Tonight, we have a few things we want to do, to make sure that there are plenty of boxes and pieces of furniture ready to be moved tomorrow. We don't want to see that manpower standing around doing nothing!

Overall, we're tired and ready to eat pizza and go to bed!


Beth said...

Go Sowers!
Listen next time I have to move I'm calling you all to come do the dirty work! Wow! I wish I could be there to help....still praying for the transition to be smooth and filled with the joy of the Lord.

Missus Wookie said...

Hope you aren't wasting the people power - although I'm impressed with the Sowers power you've managed so much already.

Pizza is a moving tradition here too.