Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Land Cruiser loads is a lot of stuff!

While we waited for 9 am to roll around, we went ahead and loaded the Land Cruisers. We have two now, and the plan will be for us to split our workers into two groups, with one team loading one vehicle here, while another group unloads the other vehicle in the new house at the same time. But for this morning, we just loaded both of them.

I was impressed at how much furniture and stuff went into them. Each vehicle held 3 bookcases (those of you who know me, know that my books and bookcases are a high priority to me), and then small boxes were placed between the shelves of each bookcase. A huge mountain of boxes in the living room looks amazingly smaller already.

Kirstin drove Rachel and Chris over to the new house a bit before 9. We knew the people there were loading up a big container truck, and we wanted to get there before they all left, so we wouldn't have to track down the house keys. I haven't heard from them yet (it's now 9:30) so hopefully that means they are unloading. Rachel took along cleaning supplies, and will start right in on that job. I think she'll be cleaning all day! The house isn't especially dirty, but there are lots of windows with those long louvered panels of glass, and they are all quite dirty and dusty! That will be slow work!

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