Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big Game is TONIGHT!

No, I'm not watching. We don't have cable at our house. But two of my kids are at a church event, where the game will be shown on a big screen TV. We warned the Hayes family (who just arrived from Mexico, after all) NOT to tell people they are rooting for Mexico, even if they are. It could be dangerous.

I'll know almost immediately if Honduras wins - the screaming and fireworks will begin quickly. In fact, I'm a bit worried that the game might not be going well, as I haven't heard the town-wide cheers which generally announce each goal our team makes. If Honduras wins, there will be cars, pickup trucks and motorcycles of celebrating people passing in front of our house for several hours.

If Honduras loses, we will all be very, very sad.

Update: Happiness has commenced! I believe we will be listening to the happiness of Gracias well into the night, tonight!

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