Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whew! That's (almost) done!

I set aside the past two weeks to write our end-of-the-year newsletter and update our website. The newsletter normally doesn't take me long to write, but this one was more of a ministry report than a newsletter, and that took longer, as I had to keep doing fact checking. If you're interested, the newsletter is posted here.

I'd set myself a deadline of this past Friday to finish updating the website. I didn't make my deadline, so if you go over there, you'll see some places where a few finishing touches are needed. Still, I think you'll mostly get a feel for the whole thing. The website is

It wouldn't take as long to update the website if I did it more often. But, since I try to update the whole site as infrequently as possible, I find I have to relearn a lot of the how-to, each time I start into this major project.

I'm past the major remodeling now, and am working my way through a list of minor additions and changes. Things like: why is there no picture of Christopher on the family page? Why does the church construction page have a list, containing only one item? Etc.

I've optimistically stated on the site that I'll be done making the changes on Monday. Of course, I'm updating the entire site . . . if necessary I can update that deadline date, as well. ;-D

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