Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grandparents Visiting!

My parents arrived on Friday for a 2 week stay. We always expect some sort of trouble in our travels, and we like to say that 'uneventful' travel is our very favorite kind. My parents did not have an uneventful trip, and the strange happenings were unrelated to Honduras, or even to the international part of the journey.

They were to fly out of the Sarasota Florida airport early Friday morning. Florida, of course, is the Sunshine State, and so equipment to deal with winter weather is not readily available there. The plane my parents were to fly on was covered with ice, and the airport had no de-icing equipment. The passengers were loaded onto the plane, and the plane was rolled out into the sun to thaw. After a while, the plane was turned, so that both sides could toast evenly.

Eventually the plane was de-iced and cleared for departure - several hours behind schedule! Of course, that messed up their connections to other flights, and so my parents arrived at 10pm, instead of noonish! Happily, that was the only problem in the trip, and now they are here, having fun with us.

Of course, they brought suitcases loaded with goodies. Even though we just received the container shipment, we were still able to think of a few more things for them to bring down, including yogurt starter, books and DVDs (Prince Caspian and Wall-E), and basket weaving supplies for Rachel.

My mother (aka Grammy) has graciously volunteered to help with the ongoing work of organizing and sorting the donations, so tomorrow will be a work day. Probably Mom will work with Faith, while I try to keep some school work going in other parts of the house. I'm also hoping to get some laundry done tomorrow (see Faith's post for up-to-the-minute laundry info), as it looks like the weather may be a bit clearer than it has been recently.

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