Monday, March 9, 2009

From the Horse's Mouth

I hope this isn't going to burst anyone's bubble, but you know I'm not the one going out and doing all the adventurous stuff I write about, right? Mostly my hubby and kids (and now Alan Hayes and his family) are crossing those bridges, driving the crazy roads, having all the fun and excitement. I stay home, hear their stories, and then write about it all here on the blog. It suits me fine, as it takes all my time to keep house, homeschool, and handle the ministry stuff that comes to the house, anyway.

Over on Faith's blog, her husband has written a post about his recent activities, and I thought you might enjoy hearing about some adventures from the first person point of view, for a change. Here is his post.

Part of the reason I wanted to bring this to your attention, is that I have some pictures that my Allen took, which illustrate Alan Hayes' visit to the bush church. This church is currently meeting in a tiny building, and they have asked us for help in constructing a larger structure. As you can see in these pictures, they really need it!

Sorry these pictures are so dark - this particular village doesn't have electricity, and the adobe houses in the mountains generally have only a few, small windows, so they are dark inside.

In his blog post, Alan Hayes mentioned that the rafters of this church came up to about his shoulders. Perhaps you thought that he was exaggerating? See for yourself:

Fun stuff, huh?

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Carolyn in Japan said...

Oh, I got to be the first commenter on this post! Great pictures! The new bridge looks much safer! Here in Asia we've experienced lots of low ceilings, too! You have to retrain yourself to duck on a regular basis!