Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Tonsillectomy Day!

Today is an exciting day; one we've been awaiting for years! It's finally the day that Christopher (age 15) will be losing his troublesome tonsils - we hope!

Allen left yesterday morning, quite early, with Chris, Rachel and Bethany in tow. They had to stop in San Pedro Sula (which is about halfway along this trip) for an afternoon of brake repairs on the Land Cruiser.

Here is a map, showing the path of their trip to the hospital, from Gracias (the blue dot) to Hospital Loma de Luz, at Balfate (in green).

I just got off the phone with Allen. He said that Chris will probably be in surgery within the next half hour.

Additionally, the doctors want to look at a few skin spots on Allen, so that will be happening soon, as well.

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