Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now the recuperation at home begins

The wandering part of the family returned safely home last evening around 7:30. They were tired, of course, but doing well, considering their long trip. Christopher is pretty hoarse, and he's needing his pain meds pretty frequently, but he also managed to eat at least one piece of the pizza they bought in the city (Domino's pizza, with pepperoni - a very rare treat for us). Allen has an incision in front of his left ear, and a much larger one across the back of his neck. The one across his neck continued to bleed a bit on the trip and is still oozing and bleeding a bit today. It's in a location where it is being yanked and twisted a bit too much, but it's pretty hard to keep your neck still - especially when you're driving!

During the night, both Allen and Christopher developed fevers, and so now we are watching that situation closely. Our friend, Dr Julio, will be dropping by in a short time to give them each an injection of antibiotics, and he also prescribed a topical antibiotic for Allen. It will be a day of recuperation at the house for both of them today.

Sitting around the house isn't really something Allen enjoys, so he has been keeping busy dictating emails and working out the details of the system for bringing water in to our house site on our property. I'm just glad he isn't working on construction today!


Anonymous said...

Sit on them if you have to, Trish! Make them recover. Tonsils, especially are sometimes a tough recovery. Prayers for you all....

Jane McSweeney

Pam L. in Md. said...

Ouch -- he ate PIZZA??? He IS tough..... Bryanna didn't eat anything more firm than pudding for probably 10+ days after her tonsillectomy...... She lost 11 pounds in 12 days..... It wasn't pretty. Sure hope I don't need to go through that with Mackenzie!!