Sunday, April 5, 2009

Man oh man - it is tooooooo hot!

There was a time when we had gotten used to the tropical hot weather, when we lived on the island of Guanaja (from 2001-2006). It was nasty hot for most of the year, there. We didn't like it, but we'd pretty much gotten used to it.

Now that we are blessed to live up in the cool mountains, the heat hits us hard when it comes. The dry season starts around January, and it gradually gets hotter and hotter until rainy season comes in around mid-May. I can't wait for the rains to begin and cool us back down again.

It seems like the week before Easter, which is called "Semana Santa" here, is one of our hottest weeks of the year in Gracias. You'd think we'd have hotter weather in July or August, but by then we'll be right in the middle of rainy season, and generally the weather stays cooler and (to our way of thinking) much more comfortable at that time of year.

Of course, rainy season has it's own set of problems, including leaky roofs, flooding, mud, mold and mildew - but we're heat-haters at my house, and we'll take the wet over the hot anyday! I also like that everything is green and growing at that time of year. During dry season it looks like autumn here in the mountains, but without the beautiful colors; mostly we just have brown everything. Brown dirt, brown plants, brown coating of dust everywhere! Oh, and once it starts raining, we're also done with the fly infestation!


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Hot is relative...what is hot for you there? 80F? 90F? 100F?

Trish said...

Yes, hot is relative - it was in the high 90's yesterday. That would've been an average day on Guanaja, but it's a super hot day here!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

It has been hot here in Costa Rica too. We have to have the windows and doors open which like there means flies. I will be so glad to hear the rain!! All too soon we will have to get out the buckets and pots for the never ending drips.

Laurie said...

It was actually 98 degrees a few days ago at the airport in Toncontin. Que calor!